Specialists in demolishing barns and sheds. Your old shed and your old barn have become unsafe. They could cause serious injury and even death to bystanders. They are dangerous fire hazards for you and for the neighborhood. The insurance company refuses to insure or it costs you an arm and a leg. You want to act as a good citizen and demonstrate good citizenship. They disfigure the landscape and have become shelters for unwanted animals. They are a cause of devaluation of your property. You have received an order to demolish them by your municipality. We have the solution? Our demolition team will do it with efficiency and professionalism.

Revamping your old shed or barn. If you wish to revamp your shed or barn and give it a rustic, antique or western interior and exterior, then we are also the people you must call. Wathever your tastes or moods, we can make your shed or barn a place that you'll be proud to show to your acquaintances, friends, family or clients. We will establish with you a work plan so as to garantee efficiency and make sure that the transformations performed are deemed of your complete satisfaction.

Renovation, rehabilitation and lessening (removing a section) of barns or sheds. Renovating a barn or shed and / or making a lessening, is not an easy task. We must first verify the state of the building, make necessary repairs and ensure that we build on solid. Then we make sure to have well planned renovations and establishing a budget so that the work is carried out under the best conditions and according to a realistic time schedule.

Reconstruction of a new barn or shed from an old one. This, of course is made easier if the old barn or shed is in fair condition. But we can make real wonders with old dilapidated barns or sheds. We have the expertise and we can make realistic estimates of the cost of materials and work. Feel free to ask an estimate.

Construction of new barns opr sheds. It is for us the infancy of art. Not only can we build a barn or shed that you'll be proud of, but we'll make a series of suggestions about its plans and its development in order to make the place entirely useful, convenient and secure, whatever the vocation you have for it.

Exterior repairs of rustic stone or rustic wood houses. Why not give your exterior appearance and stature of the old houses of yesteryear. Always conscious of details and the overview, we will give to your home the beauty and strength of durable things. Whether in stone or rustic wood, our expert hands will restore the look of youth and frehness that you will be proud of again. And never forget the significant increase in the value of your property.