At last! there is a place that cares about providing artists, nostalgics, the daring and originals, in fact anyone and all those who want to think outside the box, whether for interior decorating, commercial or other, materials that time and nature are responsible for making attractive and rare. Authentic and rustic, these materials are now available, thanks to the will of determined lovers of the heritage of the Quebec and other communities countrysides, who do not hesitate to visit the various corners in order to find effective treasures and save them from destruction by vandalism and/or fire. With thoroughness and know-how acquired over time, these old buildings are mildly put down and brought piece by piece in warehouses.

This place is Ferme le Trappeur. You'll find all sizes of boards, made of wood from old and honorable barns, whose wood, by the patina of time has a remarkable and unique appearance ... Beams of colors not found in trade and rock-solid.

You'll also find on premises, thousands of antiquities purchased through rural roads of many regions in Quebec and elsewhere. From curio to plows, through chairs, mirrors, tools, sleds, bobsleighs, antique stoves, etc...

Also, if you need to demolish a barn or shed, to renovate it or to make a completely new building, we have the expertise, the logistics and the mechanical skills to do so.

Gilles Boisjoly